First Party Property

At Chimpoulis & Hunter, we specialize in defending insurance companies. Our skilled attorneys address coverage issues pre-suit which includes investigating the claim by taking Examinations Under Oath, handling inspections along with selected experts and analyzing a claim with their clients. We know that every claim is different and need to be treated individually. We make sure to provide opinions to allow the insurance company to make the best decision possible for each claim.

When hired to defend the insurance companies in litigation, we develop a strategy with the client in each case after analyzing the claim and researching the issues. We ensure to speak with experts and maintain communication with our clients to ensure that the best outcome is reached in each case. While the attorneys are confident in their ability to try a case, they also know that some cases should be resolved in the early stages of litigation. These decisions are reached by maintaining an open dialogue with the clients. When trying a case, our attorneys ensure to retain the best quality experts. We ensure to deliver the best results possible in the most efficient manner.